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Workplace Investigations

It’s not about interrogation it’s about illumination

An increasing number of organizations are recognizing the benefits of engaging external investigators, such as focused, deep experience utilizing best practices, as well as neutrality, all of which supports employee perceptions of fairness and reinforces organization trust – further, internal resources can be freed up for more strategic matters.

BD Investigations helps you ascertain the truth and mitigate reputational risk through efficient, empathetic, and effective workplace investigations. We take great strides to exercise procedural fairness and obtain information in an impartial and timely manner — and our in-depth approach ensures we always provide suitable and practical recommendations at the end of every engagement.

We perform a wide range of Workplace Investigations, including (but not limited to):

  • Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Violence
  • Bullying
  • Discrimination
  • Misconduct
  • Theft
  • Breaches of Corporate Policy

To learn more about what an external Workplace Investigation entails, or to enquire about our approach, contact us.

Workplace Assessments

A workplace assessment is a proactive, strategic tool to help you identify potential risks before they arise. At BD Investigations, we offer three types of workplace assessments: Fairness, Health, and Violence and Harassment.

Workplace Fairness

Fairness is in the eye of the beholder.

Sometimes referred to as culture assessments, Workplace Fairness Assessments offer insight into how fair your workplace is in the eyes of employees, and to identify and address negative employee perceptions of the workplace before they begin to diminish your company culture.

While a certain amount of tension in an organization is healthy and, in some cases, necessary for risk management purposes, a Workplace Fairness Assessment can flag perceptions or mindsets that fall outside of that normal range by examining the role of conflict. We’ll uncover possible reasons for heightened organizational friction — and identify non-productive conflict that may still be in its early stages.

To learn more about our Workplace Fairness Assessments and how they can strengthen your organizational culture, contact us.

Workplace Health

A pulse check on your most important assets.

To maximize your bottom line, it’s integral to maximize the health of your employees. This involves creating a safe and engaging organizational culture that prioritizes psychological wellbeing as well as physical safety. 

A workplace health assessment audits the health of employees — exploring areas such as engagement, workload management, recognition and reward, protection of physical safety, etc., searching for wide-spread signs of things like burnout, anxiety, ergonomic issues and recurrent injuries — and identifying opportunities to mitigate them. 

For additional details on what a Workplace Health Assessment entails, or to determine whether it’s right for your organization, contact us.

Workplace Violence And Harassment

Stop workplace toxicity in its tracks.

Above all else, employees must feel safe when they are at the workplace (even when working remotely!) – for this reason, certain employment legislation (e.g. Bill C-65 and the Canada Labour Code, Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, etc.) mandates that employers undertake a risk assessment for workplace violence and harassment.

Beyond the immediate concern for the individual’s physical and mental wellbeing, progressive organizations recognize that this sets the foundation for employee engagement and productivity.

To better understand your statutory obligations, or learn more about the BD Investigations Workplace Violence and Harassment Assessment, contact us.

Workplace Restoration

Rome wasn’t built in a day — and neither are thriving workplace cultures. 

Restoration is the act of identifying the core issues that are impeding organizational productivity and performance — and rectifying them. While it can be applied on an ad hoc basis in response to a negative occurrence (e.g., workplace investigation or assessment), it is more advantageously implemented as a continuous improvement endeavour – an exercise in empowerment and an inclusive forum for all voices, driven by a collective desire to build something better than before.

Our Workplace Restoration process is a multi-step engagement that facilitates the collaboration of executive management and stakeholders. We break down workplace cultural barriers by helping you identify the root causes of existing conflict, assign ownership, rebuild interpersonal and organizational trust, and implement measures to ensure ongoing revitalization. 

To learn more about how we can help you foster mutual trust, respect, and inclusiveness in your organization, contact us.


Sometimes you need an external workplace investigator. Sometimes you don’t.

When investigating a workplace incident, there’s no room for error. Whether your team chooses to conduct the investigation internally — or opts to hire a third party — organizational trust is always on the line. For this reason, it’s critical to ensure every investigation conducted within the walls of your building satisfies the basic fundamental principles of professional workplace investigations, at minimum.

At BD Investigations, our training program is designed to empower your internal investigative team by introducing its members to proven best practices. With our customized offerings, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to conduct a high-results, professional investigation, including:

  • Basic workplace fairness principles
  • Efficient evidence-gathering techniques
  • Proven interview tactics
  • Demonstrated methods for assessing credibility
  • Effective processes for arriving at an investigative conclusion
  • Essential elements of a robust documentation process or recommendation report

To learn more about how our training program can empower your team to conduct workplace investigations with confidence and rigour — and gain insight into the latest investigative techniques — contact us.