Tova Bar-Dayan


Following a two decade progressive career in Human Resources and Labour Relations roles in both public and private sectors and in both unionized and non-unionized environments, wherein she advised and strategically partnered with senior and executive management on workplace matters (e.g. investigations, grievances, terminations, recruitment, etc.), and fuelled by a passion for the human side of business, Tova established Sage HR Consulting Inc. in 2017 to provide comprehensive services to businesses that may not have sufficient resources or experience to handle, or be proactive about, day-to-day or strategic human resources issues.
In 2021, Tova recognized a growing demand for trustworthy, professional independent workplace investigations stemming from employers’ statutory obligations to investigate claims of workplace harassment, violence, or discrimination, which has been accelerated as a result of social justice movements.  Consequently, BD Investigations, a division of Sage HR Consulting Inc., was born.
During her time in corporate roles as well as with her consulting firm, Tova has investigated claims of sexual harassment, workplace bullying, racism/anti-black racism, theft, improper conduct, and more, including those which could have resulted in significant litigation and/or reputational risk. This experience is bolstered by her status as a licensed workplace investigator.
Today, Tova takes great pride in conducting workplace investigations, assessments and restoration programs that are thorough, impartial, trauma-informed and, above all else, put people first. To learn more about Tova, visit her social accounts.


  • Master of Industrial Relations (MIR)
  • Bachelor of Human Resources Management with Honours (B. HRM, Hons.)
  • Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL)
  • Workplace Fairness Analyst (WFA)
  • Licensed Private Investigator (Ontario)

Associations & Affiliations

  • Association of Workplace Investigators, Canadian Chapter (CAWI)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (ADRIO)
  • Council of Private Investigators Ontario (CPIO)
  • Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA)
  • Workplace Fairness International (WFI)
  • The Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying & Harassment Resources (recommended as a Trauma-Informed Workplace Investigator)

Our Approach

It’s All About The How

Holistic Thinking

BD Investigations’ founder, Tova Bar-Dayan, started her career in human resources and labour relations where she conducted internal workplace investigations, advised senior and executive management teams and developed a sixth sense for identifying problematic organizational issues and potential sources of future conflict. Today, she leverages that nearly two decades of in-house experience to understand your full organizational picture and direct high-response investigations.

An Appreciation For Differentiation

Public or private. Unionized or non-unionized. Provincially regulated or federally regulated. We recognize that every workplace comes with its own unique challenges and needs — particularly in the context of a workplace investigation. At BD Investigations, we pay close attention to these nuances and take great care to tailor our investigations to meet them.

Impartiality, From Start To Finish

Undue influence, preconceived assumptions, or a perception of bias can derail a workplace investigation before it even truly begins. At BD Investigations, our ultimate objective is to allow the truth to present itself organically and we achieve this through open-minded, empathetic, and respectful fact-finding.

A Trauma-Informed Lens

When overlooked or handled inappropriately, trauma can skew an investigation, create insurmountable roadblocks, or erode the employee/employer relationship. At BD Investigations, we’ve undergone extensive training to identify the symptoms of trauma and we take great strides to create trusting interview environments that mitigate the risk of re-traumatization.

An Affinity For Fairness

Thriving organizations prioritize the needs of the humans that comprise them — and, for many, this involves making a conscious effort to provide psychologically safe, fair, and healthy workplaces. As a certified Workplace Fairness Analyst, BD Investigations founder, Tova Bar-Dayan, can assess your existing organizational state of affairs and provide support and actionable recommendations to help you put people first.