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Whether you’re searching for a neutral workplace investigator to meet your legislative obligations — or a professional partner to facilitate proactive workplace assessments or training BD Investigations offers the skills, expertise, and legislative knowledge you need to move forward with confidence. 

Harness The Power Of Truth

Productive, healthy workplaces aren’t created by accident. It often takes a pivotal catalyst, a workplace incident, employee conflict, poor engagement survey score, or legislative change to turn the magnifying glass inward and explore the unseen facets of your organization. 

At BD Investigations, we help organizations make the most of this process by focusing on the potential business opportunities it presents. We see every engagement through a Human Resources lens — and focus on finding the facts you need to eradicate existing barriers, resolve conflicts, and build an engaging, safe and positive workplace.

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An increasing number of organizations are recognizing the benefits of utilizing external investigators; such as focused individuals with a large breadth of experience in utilizing best investigative practices and neutrality, all of which supports employee perceptions of the workplace.


A workplace assessment is a proactive and strategic tool to help you identify potential risks before they arise. At BD Investigations, we offer three types of workplace assessments: Fairness, Violence and Harassment and Health to ensure a non-biased safe work environment.


A Restoration is the act of identifying the core issues that are impeding organizational productivity and performance – and rectifying them. It can be applied on an ad hoc basis in response to a negative occurrence to be able to resolve workplace concerns promptly and efficiently.

See The Bigger Picture

To some, a workplace conflict is just an isolated incident. To us, it could be a symptom of more significant issues at play. Our passion lies in supporting you to uncover that connection — and build a roadmap to direct your best path forward.

BD Investigations applies proven private investigation techniques, trauma-informed interview practices, Workplace Fairness analyses and nearly two decades of extensive Human Resources and Labour Relations experience to evoke the best possible response from our assessments and investigations. From there, we build out robust reports — with clear and concise recommendations designed to empower employees, strengthen employee – employer organizational trust and reduce unproductive conflict.

Meet The Needs Of Your Changing Workplace

Today, the potential for non-productive workplace conflict has never been higher. Many organizations are grappling with a mental health crisis resulting from COVID-19, policies that lag behind the demands of the new hybrid workplace, differing generational sentiments, government mandated responsibilities surrounding workplace violence and harassment and the list goes on.

Professional workplace investigations and assessments can maximize your organizational potential and build an agile and well -functioning workplace.

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